Seneo SHM8BUS Mini Dehumidifier with 200ml/day, 400ml Water Tank Moisture Absorber for Home Bedroom Kitchen Shoe Cabinet Closet

Bullet Points:

  • 200ml DAILY HUMIDITY REMOVAL: Dehumidification volume is up to 200ml/day which keeps the environment in a suitable humidity. Better use in 5-10 square meters space, and the optimum climate is 86¨Hand RH 80% environment.
  • AUTO SHUTDOWN: The volume of water tank is 400ml. When it is full of water, the dehumidifier will auto cut off the power and the full-water reminder will turn on red.
  • EASY TO USE: Just push the ON/OFF button to start the dehumidifying process. Protects your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture. Perfect for closet, shoe cabinet, bedroom, closet or other small space.
  • ULTRA SILENT: Operated by semiconductor technology, the dehumidifier works with no annoying sound and offers quiet and sound sleep. It is quite eco-friendly and consumes lower power.
  • PORTABLE AND MINI SIZE: The compact dehumidifier is highly flexible in application.


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